The Origin Story of Pebax Palladium

Traditional reflow processes are a dated engineering process, one that includes heat, removing, reheating, and then applying. Our team of polymer scientists thought, hey, there must be a better way. Turns out there is, and we have it ready for you to try today. Simplify your R&D efforts, improve your device capabilities, and use a supplier you can trust to grow with you. 

2018 CP_Comic_PalladiumPebax 1.jpg
2018 CP_Comic_PalladiumPebax 2.jpg
2018 CP_Comic_PalladiumPebax 3.jpg
2018 CP_Comic_PalladiumPebax 5.jpg

Stay tuned as we release our next episode, showing the microscopic interaction of Palladium Pebax in action.